Recovery Program

My practice specialty is treating pornography addiction.
I am a recovered porn addict.
I have walked the road, and know what that journey entails. I have developed a specific and structured approach (non 12-step) that integrates Christianity and Psychology to treat pornography addiction.  The program includes:
  • Weekly support group sessions for the addict (7 week cycles)
  • Weekly counseling sessions
  • Regular interaction with a primary accountability partner (we call this a sponsor)
  • (for married men) Staggered couples sessions with your wife every 4-6 weeks.
  • (for spouses of addicts):
    • Weekly support group sessions facilitated by my wife (who is a Life Coach and experienced and survived my 18 year addiction to pornography)
    • individual sessions with my wife upon request

The “ideal” client for the recovery program is the person who has tried and failed to break their addiction to pornography, has hit “rock bottom” and is ready for freedom.