First of all, I am a believer and follower of Christ; secondly, I am a counselor.  I work primarily with individuals, but also with couples, from all walks of life.  One does not need to be a Christian to receive services, but know that my faith strongly influences my work.  It is my goal to stabilize, strengthen, and facilitate healing for all my clients.  Whatever you are going through now, we can work together to bring meaning and understanding; creating a new narrative for your life in which you are on a better path.

My counseling specialty is working with individuals who are struggling with or addicted to pornography.  Pornography is widely available and more prevalent than at any other time in history. It affects all types of people – even Christians.  Sex is a powerful force – it can be destructive. Like many things, it can be used in an unhealthy way, becoming an escape, or a temporary diversion to mask a much deeper pain. Sexual addiction is real. With help, you can break free and completely heal from this addiction.  The recovery program is highly structured, immersive, and customized for each individual’s specific needs.  More details can be found by clicking here or the “Recovery Program” tab above.

It is my desire to see all of our churches thrive.  For that to happen, our church leaders must thrive.  If you need help, with any issue, do not be afraid to reach out.  Your health and wellness is my main concern.  Online sessions are available when the highest level of discretion and privacy are needed.

I see clients face-to-face in the Upstate of South Carolina, and I also do tele-therapy (online) upon request.

I am currently accepting new clients.

Reach out and ask your questions.  You can find my contact information on the tab labeled, “Contact” above or just click here.